Pre-Flight Check List

Pre Flight Check List

Before I hit the road I make sure to go through everything that needs to be done in order to hook up my truck and trailer properly. Here is a list of what I do before take off!

Pre-Flight Check List!

  • Maintenance Schedule UTD? Y/N
  • Tow Vehicle Adequate Y/N
  • Hitch & Coupler
    • Lubricated Y/N
    • Worn down? Y/N
  • Plug for Wire Connection Correct? Y/N
    • Proper Adapter? Y/N
  • Hook Up
    • Coupler Locked onto Ball Y/N
    • Safety Chains attached and not dragging? Y/N
    • Breakaway Switch Connected? Y/N
  • Breakaway battery Charged? Y/N
  • Trailer loaded with 10% Tongue Weight? Y/N
  • Check Tires
    • Excess Wear? Y/N
    • Cuts? Y/N
    • Pressure correct? Y/N
  • Lugs Torqued? Y/N
  • Check Brake Function
    • Adjust Brake controller as needed
  • Lights on? Y/N
    • Brake Lights? Y/N
    • Running Lights? Y/N
    • Turn Signals? Y/N
    • Reverse? Y/N
  • Ramp/ Tail gate secured? Y/N
  • Trailer Sitting Level? Y/N

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