Let’s Talk Trucks

Anarchy Diesel Tuning

Lets talk about diesel trucks to be more specific. The market for diesel performance parts & accessories has grown, with multiple brands for similar products. Elm City Trailer is a dealer for Anarchy Diesel Tuning, based out of Riceville TN. After quoting a few systems and talking to John from Anarchy I was able to understand their style.

Anarchy’s tuners gives the consumer the ability to remove the egr & dpf systems from the truck and give the truck multiple power level and capabilities. The levels are Stock delete, Tow, Street, Hotstreet, Race and will vary from 4 to 5 levels depending on the year and motor of the truck.

If a truck is equipped with a 68rfe trans then it is highly recommended that the trans tuning is also added to that system. There is an option to have 2nd gear lock up. In a stock truck the torque converter will lock up in 4th gear. Adding this system will allow the trucks torque converter to lock up in 2nd gear. If the torque converter reaches its lock up speed quicker, then the less time it spends slipping. Having the 2nd gear lock up will decrease the damage on the clutch.

Tuning your diesel will help with the longevity of the truck, if it is driven correctly. For instance, when towing it is in the Tow setting. When traveling on the highway it is in a higher setting with reasonable pedal to increase the fuel mileage. The Race setting will put the truck into maximum effort, and should be used sparingly not regularly. The risk of damaging your trans and engine will increase if the tuner is used incorrectly.