Hurricane Season is Here!

With all this talk about hurricane Mathew underway, it is a good reminder to be prepared. We carry NOCO Battery & Power Products, and recently the GB150 Boost Pro has been a very popular item with customers from road mechanics to home owners.



The GB150 Boost Pro is a Lithium 4000A, 12V Jump Starter that is rated for 10.0L+ gas & diesels. This jump starter has a built in 10X LED ultra bright flashlight with 7 modes, including a SOS & emergency strobe. A built-in voltmeter reads the voltage of the vehicles battery for enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting. A traditional jump starter has 6950 joules and weighs about 18 lbs. The GB150 Boost Pro has 22500 joules and weighs 7.5 lbs. and can hold a charge 4 times longer!

The GB150 Boost Pro will safely start a dead battery in seconds. NOCO has a spark proof + reverse and polarity protection. You can get approximately 80 starts per charge. The GB150 has 12V & USB port going OUT & IN. Conveniently recharge it with a USB cord, and it is capable of going from zero to being able to jump start in 15 minutes & will be fully charges in just over 3 hours. You can use the GB150 to charge virtually any USB device, such as a smart phone or tablet. The 12V portable power can be used for a wide range of devices including tire pumps, lights, inverters, etc.





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