Enclosed Trailers for sale

Need an enclosed trailer that protects your load from the elements?


enclosed trailer for sale in Connecticut

Whether its steel frame or light weight aluminum, Elm City Trailer has a huge selection of enclosed trailers. We are dealers for 14 different American trailer manufacturers and maintain a large stock of enclosed trailers from small to large and configured to meet your needs. As always, our goal is to get you the perfect trailer so if that requires us to order one for you, we will without hesitation. If your requirements are even more specific we can have one custom made so that in every case you leave towing the exact enclosed trailer you were looking for.

The best part of owning an enclosed trailer versus an open trailer is that you never have to worry about unloading it. Enclosed trailers double as storage containers, they shelter your car or toys from the elements and they protect your tools and materials from unauthorized access.

enclosed trailers for sale

Depending on your needs we can supply you with an enclosed trailer that is either flat front or v-front and in single axle, double axle or triple axle. As for hatches, doors and ramps the sky is the limit. If you need a ramp back door and a side door its no problem. Brake options, tow hitch options, lightning and suspension options are all up to you.


For the interior: if you need tire racks, storage bins, lights, tie downs, chocks, a winch its all possible and we will work with you to outfit the trailer that works best for you. Call us today to learn more.

large enclosed trailer in connecticut

If you need a small enclosed trailer with single axle or a triple axle with a ramp, roll-up or swing open doors check our inventory or simply contact us.


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