Mahindra ROXOR

Looking for a ROXOR for sale in Connecticut? Well, we are the newest ROXOR dealer in Connecticut!


If you haven’t seen Mahindra’s amazing ROXOR you owe it to yourself to stop in and take a look. A ROXOR is what a side by side UTV wishes it could be. These are trailerable, rugged as it gets, and powerful. They come with steel box frames, with off-road tires, 16″ wheels, and beefy front disc brakes. They are diesel powered with gobs of torque and a rugged 5-speed transmission and 2 speed transfer case to match. They lay down 4WD power through semi full-floating axles.

Based on the willy’s jeep from World War two, the ROXOR is an actual light-weight but hardworking Jeep alternative. How tough is it? With a 2.5 Liter turbo diesel It can tow 3,490 lbs by itself. Try that with a toy UTV. Endlessly upgradeable, you can kit out your ROXOR and make it a one of a kind. Virtually anything you could bolt to a Willy’s Jeep will work on the ROXOR as well. Available in different colors, seating options and door/window choices you can make yours anything from a civilized errand runner to an off-road trail blazer.

With a two year standard warranty you can count on the ROXOR to work and work hard, on the trail, the job site, the farm or just out in the wild. The ROXOR is the ultimate upgrade for your gator or UTV.  The engine is a torquey 2.5 liter in-line four cylinder with fuel injection and an electronic management system that just won’t quit. Roxor comes with steel body panels, not plastic, and a real five speed not a belt driven CVT.

For more information give us a call, if you want to see more follow this link to the Mahindra ROXOR website

Here’s what you’ll find on a ROXOR you won’t find on a toy UTV.


















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